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download clumsy ninja apk for android

Clumsy Ninja Game APK for Android

Android users & gamers are eagerly waiting to download the Clumsy Ninja game APK on their mobile devices which recently made its debut on the appstore on 20th November, this year. So when will the Clumsy Ninja finally arrive on the most popular mobile platform? We at Farlog will be the first to provide you a reliable download link as and when it happens.

Clumsy Ninja by NaturalMotion Gaming

Remember, it was the game that was demonstrated during the launch of iphone 5s. That was a first. Apple inviting the CEO of Natutal Motion gaming to share the stage of the launch event of its premier flagship device so as to give a presentation of the enhanced power of the A7 chip through a teaser of the Clumsy Ninja game.

Clumsy Ninja, an otherwise popular game by NaturalMotion, after having made its debut less than ten days ago, on the appstore blazed through the rankings and has become the topmost free download on itunes this week. That is a phenomenal achievement.

Clumsy Ninja : Features & Characters

The game itself is very addictive, unlike any other we have seen before. Its based on real time simulation as opposed to playback animation technology that other games employ. The main character, Clumsy Ninja is almost like a pet toy, aware of its environment and fully interactive. The user has to train him to become a better ninja and help him find his ninja girlfriend through different levels. The in-app purchases help increase the speed and the graphics are mind blowing. No wonder Clumsy  Ninja has become a rage with iPhone users.

Clumsy Ninja Coming Soon on Android

The big question is when will the Clumsy Ninja game feature on the Play Store. If rumour mills are anything to go by then it could be sometime in March this year. However, the reports are unconfirmed.Until then its an Apple exclusive. The current version 1.2.1 by the developer Natural Motion games Limited takes up 97.2 MBs of your space and works on iOS5 and above and is compatible with iPad and iPod touch. So for the time being, its the users of the  iOS platform who are having a great time with this fabulous game being available on it. Speculation are rife regarding the avaialbility of Clumsy Ninja on Windows  or the appearance of  Clumsy Ninja on Blackberry.

Apple users can download it by clicking the link  HERE.

Android users subscribe to farlog. We will be the first to get you the link for Clumsy Ninja APK download as soon as its made available. In the meanwhile you can download and play a similar game to Clumsy Ninja on your android device if you don’t want to wait. to know more and download click here.